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Work with me to create a comprehensive estate plan that takes care of your interests in the case
of an accident, injury, or other situation where you are no longer able to care for yourself, and
that directs the disposition of your assets following your death. If you do not have an estate plan
the time for action is now. If your current plan was created before 2013, you may be in danger of
having an outdated plan.

Wholesale Glass Manufacturer

Wholesale Glass Manufacturer

Couronne Co. is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of glass and metal designs for home,
event, garden and gift. Emerging from Europe in 1993, Couronne (Crown, Fr) Company, Inc.
moved into the US market with vast success. We originated with a single product – Water Gems, a
water based gel used with fresh cut flowers and plants. Responding to an increase in customer
requests, we shifted our product line to include glassware. It is our glassware line that has since
become the focus for Couronne Company and is the basis for all new product designs.

Happy Milk


Happy Milk
Infant Formula
Baby Formula
Toddler Formula
Adult Formula
Diabetic Formula
Whole Milk Powder
Skim Milk Powder
Non-Fat Milk Powder
Sweet Whey Powder
Buttermilk Milk Powder
Powder Milk
Powder Milk Manufacturer
Powder Milk Formula Manufacturer
Gluco Diabetic Care Formula
Infant Grow Formula Manufacturer
Toddler Grow Formula Manufacturer
Adult Formula Manufacturer

Happy Milk – Founded in 2015, The company officially opened an environmentally friendly and modern facility in Southern California with the goal of providing nutritious, safe, and healthy Infant, Toddler, Adult and Diabetic Milk Powder Drink mixes that facilitates healthy lifestyles of thriving individuals in today’s rapidly changing society. 714-546-5400